SAMARAI's '91 Red Bute from Australia! :P

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Re: SAMARAI's '91 Red Bute from Australia! :P

by SAMARAI » Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:02 pm

I haven't done an update in a while so here goes.

I finally got round to deleting the Aussie spec boot brake light. So much cleaner looking woo!

First I plugged up the holes with colour matched painted grommets with some silicone to hold water out.
Then I also installed a vectra led brake light inside the top of the rear windshield to comply with Aussie standards of having an eye level brake light.



A test fit of the new brake light.

Final look (I broke off the excess holder that was obstructing light)


Next was Holden back to Opel badge for my steering wheel. Thanks to a friend from Serbia




And last night I got round to wiring up an extra cigarette lighter behind the dash for stealth and cleaner powering up of my new dash cam

And also installed led strips in the boot, glove box and ashtray to increase practicality and make life easier. Photos soon!

Cheers for reading guys.

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