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2018 Calibra SE9 Register

by §torm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:24 pm

Welcome to the 2018 Calibra SE9 Register

Note: The standard Calibra V6 Register can be found here

There were 308 Calibra SE9s originally produced, and according to howmanyleft.co.uk about 96 remain, of which 33 are taxed as of Q1 2018.

* Note these figures don't include cars which are neither SORN nor Taxed so the "true" figures may be a little higher.

DVLA stats are as follows*

    Manual 83 (25 Taxed, 56 SORN)
    Auto 15 (8 Taxed, 7 SORN)

If yours isn't listed, please reply to this thread with your registration and mileage (if you are happy for these to be displayed). Links/pics also welcome.

NB: Details have been taken from various public sources (ebay, google, facebook, forums DVLA etc), so is already "out there", but if anyone wants any details removing/masking, please let me know.

Also let me know if any existing details are incorrect or need updating.



The register below lists 75 x SE9's that are still registered with the DVLA as of August 2018)

NOTE 4 of the SE9s in the table below (whilst still showing as registered with the DVLA) are known to have been scrapped.

#DoRCurrent RegPrevious Reg?Man/AutoMileageOwnerMOTNotes
1.01/08/1997R398 FVKR2 ONYManual27,835 (May17)Martin LoweryYESLast Active: Jun 2017
2.01/08/1997R125 VKEManual93k (May14)was Tom McGhee15/05/15Last Active: Feb 2007. see note#2
3.05/08/1997R621 DHSManual96k (Oct15)was P Marks (cc.net)YESSee note#3
4.06/08/1997R636 CGXManual94k (Dec07)SCRAPPED17 Dec08SCRAPPED. See note#4
5.13/08/1997R190 OAOManual181k May17)Ben Martin17Aug15See note#5
6.15/08/1997R392 DDMAuto72k (Aug15)Mark VallisYESCurrent Owner (2016)
7.15/08/1997R171 GSCC8 ASMManual108k(2008)was Keith Dawson10/05/14Last Active: 2008. See note#6
8.15/08/1997R154 OCYR9 OLJAuto87k (Oct10)SCRAPPED30/09/11SCRAPPED. see note#8
9.15/08/1997R994 FTNManualNo DetailsLast Taxed 2005
10.19/08/1997R920 HCUC2 OANManual49k (Sep09)SCRAPPED05/08/09SCRAPPED. see note#10
11.21/08/1997R173 DWLJ7 YTHManual106k (Jan16)John Nicki BrightYESCurrent Owner. Active Mar 2016 FB
12.21/08/1997R780 NWTManual116k (Aug11)22/08/12Last Active: Dec15 FB. see note#12
13.22/08/1997R206 KJTManual137k (Feb14)YESLast Active: Jun 14. see note#13
14.26/08/1997R449 CGHManual90k (Jun09)22 Jun 2010No other info
15.27/08/1997R289 ODVManual103k Oct08)was Steve Harrison22 Oct 2009See note#15
16.29/08/1997R243 GDX5 JXNManual127k (Nov15)was Darrell StoweYESNo other info
17.01/09/1997R417 HTYManual141k (Feb12)2013Last Active: 2013. Flickr
18.09/09/1997R99 DATR947 NGFManual108k (Jan13)was Dave Tinsey26/01/14Last Active: 2013. see note#18
19.10/09/1997R590 MDER10 JJBManual97k (Dec16)Total Package (.net member)YESLast Active: Dec16. See note#19
20.17/09/1997R877 CKGManual198k(Jun15)was CornishTazYESLast Active: March08. see note#20
21.17/09/2016R168 HNEM9 CCLManual144k(Jul15)was Charles HackettYESLast Active: Mar14. see note#21
22.18/09/1997R802 NNPManual40k(Jul07)26Jul2008No further info
23.24/09/1997R313 YNOManual109k(Oct07)was Richard Sneddon16/04/10Last Active: Oct07. see note #23
24.25/09/1997R826 XHYH7 AJOManual108k (Dec14)Unknown21/12/2015Last Active 2006. See note#24
25.25/09/1997R292 DFMManual99k (Jan16)Nicky BraggYESLast Active Mar 2016 on FB
26.26/09/1997R262 AEXManual83k (Mar16)Graham ReynoldsYESCurrent Owner: Active Mar16 - FB
27.26/09/1997R932 CCAManual94k (Oct08)was Truce-SE925/10/09Last Active: Jun 2008. see note #27
28.30/09/1997R655 TBMManual11,288 (Nov16)VX Heritage CentreYESVX Heritage Centre SE9
29.30/09/1997R160 KFWM20 JENManual105k (Jul15)Gary BrzeczekYESLast Active: Apr14 FB. see note #29
30.01/10/1997R930 NESG11 ACHManual99k (Jan13)SCRAPPED24/01/14SCRAPPED. see note #30
31.01/10/1997R176 ULUManual114k(Aug09)was mmcg (cc.net)UnknownLast Taxed 2005. see note#31
32.02/10/1997R726 HNHManual78k (Sep15)was SE9V6 (cc.net)YESLast Active: Jun 2012
33.03/10/1997R420 VJOManual152k(Sep15)was Barry RaceyYESLast Active: Feb 2008. see note#33
34.03/10/1997R392 YBUK777 GUNManual225k (Jun11)was Big Gordy24 Jun 12Last Active: Jun2008. see note#34
35.07/10/1997R392 UHPN5 APCManual109k(Apr16)Ally McvittieYESCurrent Owner (2016)
36.09/10/1997R220 YVPManual105k (Jul15)was TonyYESLast Active: Jun 2008. see note#36
37.13/10/1997R758 YCCKCH 751Manual115k (Nov13)27 Nov 14No further info
38.16/10/1997R980 HNHManual99k (Feb16)01 Aug 14Last Active: Feb 2016.
39.21/10/1997R721 LKXAutomatic135k (Nov15)YesLast Active: Sep 12. see note#39
40.23/10/1997R989 DDUManual27,866 (Aug16)Craig Blackford now Aitch201119 Jan 16Last Active: Nov 2015. see note#40
41.25/10/1997R269 ERFManual142k (Jan09)was Rainmaker25 Jan 10Last Active: 2008
42.25/10/1997R516 JFHManual91k (2016)Mark Edwards15 Sep 10Current Owner (2016)
43.28/10/1997R466 LSFSHM 260Manual84k (Feb15)YESNo further info
44.30/10/1997R35 EFMManual99k (Apr08)23 Apr 09Last Active: 2010. see note#44
45.06/11/1997R234 SJBR11 MRJManual149k (Oct15)28 Oct 15Last Active: Oct 2015. see note#45
46.07/11/1997R63 HNVManual114k (Jun09)18 Jun 10Last Active: Jun 2010. see note#46
47.13/11/1997R682 BVSK20 KCCManual89k(Jul15)was Rab CrowYESLast Active: Sep15 FB. See note#47
48.14/11/1997R753 AROManual109k(Aug16)was Norrie Christie now Rab CrowYESLast Active: May17. see note#48
49.17/11/1997R950 MDPManual117k (Oct14)David Morris21 Oct 15Last Active: May 2009. see note#49
50.18/11/1997R3 BAHManual91k(Feb16)YESLast Active: Feb 2016. see note#50
51.26/11/1997R655 STFA490 AJHManual120k(Sep10)12 Sep 11Last Active: Apr 2008. see note#51
52.01/12/1997R30 GABR669 CGPManual91k (Dec09)16 Dec 10Last Active: Feb 2008. see note#52
53.13/12/1997XIL 5369R439 UOTManual192k(Apr14)was Lammy23 Apr 14Last Active: Oct 2013. see note#53
54.19/12/1997R472 WOJMJH 41GManual71k (Aug12)BELIEVED SCRAPPED Apr14Apr14BELIEVED SCRAPPED. See note#54
55.24/12/1997R62 EMBN100 RSHManual127k (Oct15)YESLast Active: Nov15 (Flickr)note#55
56.05/01/1998P666 PMRR225 JPJManual111k (Jun11)5 Jun 12Last Active: Jan12 (Flickr)note#56
57.06/01/1998R970 VNPManual85k (Jul15)YESLast Active: Jan 2010. see note#57
58.15/01/1998R188 HVVAuto89k (Jun11)01/06/2012No other info known. See note#58
59.20/01/1998R365 EABManual87k(Oct15)Michael Milner DaDonmikeYESLast Active: Dec 15 FB see note#59
60.28/01/1998R945 DJNManual124k(Dec11)was Sy Hackett(vxon)20 Dec 12Last Active: Mar 2011. see note#60
61.02/02/1998R101 LPFAutomatic117k(Jan17)Milo ChapmanJan17Last Active: Jan2017. See note #61
62.06/02/1998R654 SMJAuto107k (Sep15)Lee9905(ebayid)YESLast Active:31 May15. See note#62
63.16/02/1998R620 NBNP19 JMLManual78k (Feb 18)YESLast Active:11 Feb18. See note#63
64.19/02/1998C411 BRAR250 CWLAuto104k (Jan16)Milo ChapmanYESCurrent Owner (2016)
65.20/02/1998R986 LAAR5 WABAuto83k (May15)YESLast Active: Unknown. see note#65
66.27/02/1998R834 TKVR22 JJBManual74k (May17)Steve RhodesYESLast Active: May 2017 see note#66
67.05/03/1998R286 APUManual79k (Feb16)was Brian HillYESLast Active: Jul 2014. see note#67
68.06/03/1998R855 CWLManual187k(Sep15)YESLast Active: Jul 2007. see note#68
69.13/03/1998R257 LGNManual185k (Feb16)was RogerC (cc.com)YESLast Active: Jan 2016. see note#69
70.16/03/1998R71 TVNManual134+51k (Nov15)was Tony HarrandYESLast Active: Jun 2011. see note#70
71.19/03/1998R210 CKNManual151k(Sep12)6 Sep 13Last Active: May 2010. see note#71
72.30/03/1998R710 JBWAuto103k (Nov12)vec160 (cc.net)15 Nov 13Current Owner (2016)
73.03/04/1998R566 DKKAuto32.5k (Mar16)YESLast Active: Mar15. See note#73
74.xx/xx/1998R380 LBXM9 JTAUnconfirmed55k (Apr15)Mark Wigg (CapeCodCarMan)YESBelieved Current Owner. see note#74
75.09/09/1998S236 DBDK6 MKBManual116k (Apr16)k21nty (cc.net member)25 Oct 11Current Owner (Apr2016)

Last Active = Last known activity of car, excluding MOT status


#2 R125 VKE - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Tom McGhee from Ayrshire. Unknown if still current owner.
Source: Club Archives

#3 R621 DHS - Previous Club Member car. Last known location Cornwall

#4 R636 CGX - Was Barrachops car. Confirmed as scrapped by Barrachops
http://www.clubcalibra.com/calibra-chat ... -register/

#5 R190 OAO - For sale (Trade) on Gumtree May 2016. See below for description:
"Vauxhall Calibra SE9 V6 24V 2498cc Petrol 5 speed manual 2 door coupe R reg 13/08/1997 Red (call 07775972900 to arrange viewing), power steering, electronic Windows / Mirrors, air conditioning, factory CD player, 5 speed manual, black leather interior, 4 seats, bbs Alloys, central locking, trip computer, etc... Spares or Repairs, engine starts & runs, gearbox / clutch both operate well, engine smokes & noisy when running, possible head gasket, doesn't overheat & drivable, 181k miles with some history, 3 previous owners, bodywork good for age, very clean car inside & out / overall, ideal project or track day car, no Mot, (spares or repairs), £325 please call manny on 07775972900"

For Sale Ebay 13 May 2017 Item: 252936570765, Seller:billyrayonaroll Location: Honiton,
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Cali ... SwX9FZFxxM
Selling as spares or repair unfinished project
The car does run and has a new cambelt water pump and drive belt there are 4 new bbs centres for the wheels the tyres are all new also there are front and rear under bumper skirts brand new and two rear quarter glass and two door mirrors.There are a few bits missing, inner sill trim drivers side,boot carpet, clutch cable,coolant bridge sensor and the abs module needs replacing.

For Sale on Facebook 18 May 2017 (multiple groups) by Ben Martin £950 May 2017

#7 R171 GSC - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Keith Dawson from Derbyshire. Unknown if still current owner.
Source: Club Archives

#8 R154 OCY - known as scrapped. Here is a photo of it in a scrapyard!
See https://www.flickr.com/photos/47381765@N04/12681930803

#10 R920 HCU - known as scrapped. Was Callyscot's car. Was posted for spares by John Wallace. Facebook June 2014
https://www.facebook.com/groups/3091807 ... 448666405/

#12 R780 NWT
Dec 2015 Adi-Blades Wilkinson posted on FB as having sold it 7 years earlier
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater
Dec 2015 David Knight posted it for sale on FB. No MOT. Spares or repairs
https://www.facebook.com/groups/vauxsau ... 363179761/

#13 R206 KJT Has a Rieger bodykit fitted.
Last known locations: Bristol and Guildford.
On sale on ebay Feb 2014, Gmtree Jun/Jul 2014
https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=vauxh ... qUBfy9M%3A

#15 R289 ODV - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Steve Harrison. Unknown if still current owner
Car registered with the DVLA as a 3.2 V6
Last known location Hertfordshire

#18 R99 DAT - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Dave Tinsey from Middlesex (Source: Club Archives)
For sale on Gumtree back in 2013
https://www.google.co.uk/search?newwind ... bm7wq2M%3A

#19 R590 MDE - Owned by .net member "Total Package"
Oct 2015 - For sale on ebay. Item 161854912466. Seller: asset_disposal, Location Thelwall, Cheshire
https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ca ... ajaxhist=0

#20 R877 CKG - Previously owned by CornishTaz, sold in March 2008
http://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/ ... ale.158866

#21 R168 HNE - Harvey (vxon member) sold the car in May 2012 (possibly to tjms (vxon member).
Then owned by Charles Hackett (cc.net Club member) aka SE9calibra92 who posted on cc.com June 2012 (see below)
Also owned and sold by KerrSE9 (not sure who that is) in March 2014 (see migweb link below)
Also user "norh SE9" posted car on photobucket.
Last known locations: Was Nottingham (Harvey), then East Ayrshire (Charles Hackett) as of June 2012.
http://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/ ... ale.294935
http://www.migweb.co.uk/forums/introduc ... folks.html

#23 R313 YNO - Bought by Richard Sneddon from ebay 19/10/2007. Location was Uxbridge, Middlesex. Unknown if still current owner

#24 R826 XHY - Previously owned by Andy Cummins and sold to someone in Essex in 2006.

#27 R932 CCA - Colour of this one is Black according to DVLA.
Was at Billing 2008. Not known if Truce-SE9 still owns the car.
For sale on Ebay, with a link on FB 4 August 2016
Car is definitely black with an F28 Gearbox

#29 R160 KFW - Gary Brzeczek (April 2014)| assume this is the same Gaz57004 cc.net (Apr 2011)
http://www.clubcalibra.net/viewtopic.ph ... &start=105
For Sale Jun 2016
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248634475314829/permalink/582565208588419/?sale_post_id=582565208588419&rt=11

#30 R930 NES - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Ian Goacher from Lancashire in 2001 (Source: Club Archives)
Previous owners: Martin Barraclough (Barrachops), James Jones (sparky).
Appears to have been scrapped by Danb1987 (migweb)
http://www.migweb.co.uk/forums/items-sa ... aking.html

#31 R176 ULU - Car registered on DVLA, but no MOT details.
Last Taxed 2005
Was posted on Baz's SE9 register
http://www.clubcalibra.net/viewtopic.ph ... 8&start=75

#33 R420 VJO - Previous owners Robbie Vincent and Barry Racey

#34 R392 YBU - Was Big Gordy's car
For Sale on pistonheads 10/6/08. Has an LPG conversion!

#36 R220 YVP - Last known location: North Wales. Was in Autotrader at Fraser Murray Car sales,Edinburgh for £2,495, bought by Tony in Feb 2008. Then sold by Tony in June 2008 on Ebay and Pistonheads

#37 R980 HNH - On Ebay Feb 2016. Seller: rolo_mac-2008. Location: Southampton. Item number: 151984936626. Description "I'm offering a 1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.5 V6 Manual, we picked it up as it is and were debating breaking it, but offering it as a whole car. There are parts missing, noticeably the the complete exhaust from down pipe, clutch cable and switches from interior. The body is straight,interior not bad and engine runs sweet. There is no mot and the car is being offered as spares or repair. Viewing recommended, car will need be trailered away, though can be delivered for additional cost"

#39 R721 LKX - Details supplied by a member. Car Seen online Sep 2012.

#40 R989 DDU - Last known location: Eastbourne. Craig Blackford posted in FB (Club Calibra UK) as owner in Nov 2015. Up for sale in Dec 2015. Believed bought by Harold Armstrong (i.e. Aitch2011). Then up for sale again on 10 September 2016 by Harold for around £1800
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bargain ... 8519429774

#44 R35 EFM - Posted by 'steve austin' member of ************ on Oct 2010. Location Lowestoft, Suffolk
http://************.com/topic/7141-daft-cr ... ain/page-2

#45 R234 SJB - Sold on Ebay 25 Oct 2015. Seller 1000rbiker. Location Colchester.

#46 R63 HNV - sold on ebay 30/3/2008. Last known location was Dumfries and Galloway.

#47 R682 BVS - Last known owner Rab Crow
June 2008 - For sale on ebay, seller freddie0069 Cambelt change 77k
Sep 2015 - Posted on FB by Rab Crow (Calibra Photo)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460909 ... 913712668/

#48 R753 ARO - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Norrie Christie (aka callyscot on cc.net) as of 2012. unknown if still current owner
Unsold on Ebay 6/12/07. Last known Location: Forfar, Angus

#49 R950 MDP - Last known location: Orkney.
I think David Morris posts is varagen1 on cc.com (below)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/3091807 ... 178826405/

#50 R3 BAH - Found on google images see link. For sale on Gumtree Feb 2016 for £3500. Last known location Clapham https://www.google.co.uk/search?newwind ... HO7Ow6M%3A
https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/vaux ... 1158179676

#51 R655 STF - Last known Location: Heanor, Derbyshire.
Was for sale on Ebay 3 Apr 2008. seller: iand3478

#52 R30 GAB - Last known location: Southampton.
Was for sale on ebay 9 Feb 2008 seller: mulligan5175

#53 XIL 5369 - Opel badged. Last known location: Middlesbrough

#54 R472 WOJ - Information supplied by reliable source that they believe this car was scrapped in Coventry in Apr 2014

#55 R62 EMB - Found on Flickr

#56 P666 PMR - Found on Flickr

#57 R970 VNP - Last known location: Hertford Hertfordshire. For sale Jan 2010
http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums ... pecial-eds

#58 R188 HVV - Spotted on Google. Details supplied by a club member. No date or other info known.

#59 R365 EAB - Previous owner Butthead of cc.com
Last known location: Ripley, Yorkshire

#60 R945 DJN - Last known location: Chippenham.
Sy Hackett last known owner, but sold it April 2011
http://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/ ... v6.245123/

#61 R101 LBF - Purchased by Milo Jan 2017

#62 R654 SMJ - For sale on ebay 31 May 2015. Seller Lee9905. Location Rochford. Item number 141676876782

#63 R620 NBN (P19 JML) - Posted on Facebook (vauxhall Calibra only) 11 Feb 2018. Damian Downs new owner. Plates swapped to original NBN Feb 2018

#65 R986 LAA - Last known location: Gortin Belfast.
Found on google images

#66 R834 TKV - For Sale on Facebook May 2017 cc.net group. Seller Steve Rhodes

#67 R286 APU - previously owned by Ben Jones. Then Brian Hill.
Brian Posted on FB (Club Calibra UK) July 2014
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater

#68 R855 CWL - For sale on ebay 06/03/1998

#69 R257 LGN - Last known location: Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Oddly, this one comes up on the vehicle check as a Vauxhall of unknown model.
This was advertised as an SE9, and had correct wheels and alloys. So looks legit
Jan 16 - For sale by RogerC (cc.com)
http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/det ... bra/163707
http://www.clubcalibra.com/calibras-for ... -for-sale/

#70 R71 TVN - Last known location: Yorkshire.
09/02/2008 For sale on ebay, item #140204694796 (Seller: coopsagogo).
04/06/2011 Selling on pistonheads by Tony Harrand. No MOT or tax 140k
28 November 2011 - date of MOT test - miles have mysteriously dropped to 88k!!

#71 R210 CKN - Last known location: Forres Morayshire, Scotland.
2010 - Posted on Baz's V6 register
http://www.clubcalibra.net/viewtopic.ph ... 8&start=90

#73 R566 DKK - For sale on Ebay March 2015. Seller kimleo46
Location then was Canterbury, Kent

#74 R380 LBX - Previous Club Member car. Was owned by Mark Wigg (CapeCodCarMan)
Was previously M9 JTA (May 2011)
Car now comes up as a standard Calibra V6 due to reg transfer losing the SE9 detail
Original registration date not known, only the year (1998)
Confirmed SE9 (ie no sunroof) from photo in this thread :)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/3091807 ... 349056405/
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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by vec 160 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:19 pm

Hi Mark,

A good idea to have an updated register
I have R710 JBW and it is an auto. It has been sitting in the lock up for a couple of years now waiting on me fixing the "flashing S of doom". It will probably be off the road for at least another year as house renovation and an astra 888 to fix are taking precedence

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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by Callyman » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:33 pm

Hi Mark,

Your prev' posts would of been removed from Prev' admin.

Wont be happening again mate.

Crack on with the Register.
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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by Jackos-se9 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:50 pm

Hi Mark

Got an Se9 Automatic C411BRA
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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:39 am

Ok i'll put something together over the weekend. I'll start with the ones still registered with the DVLA, and see how far we get. The aim of the register is to get a better idea than the DVLA of how many SE9s are really left. You never know, it might help push the values up ;)

To make the register worthwhile, i'm thinking of listing the following:

    Date of Registration
    Reg Number
    Owner (or last known owner)
    MOT (Either YES or date of expiry) (This is to give an idea of when the car was last known to be active)

Pics would be nice, but i feel they will clutter up the list. Maybe that can be in version 2.0 ;)

I personally don't have a problem with my registration or other details listed, as most of this info is publicly available now, but if anyone wants me to blank any details, no problem. Open to suggestions or whether anything else should or shouldn't be included. If there are no objections, i'll crack on over the weekend!

I already found that 3 of the SE9s still showing as registered with the DVLA, have actually been scrapped, so that brings the number down to 99 already!

Jackos-se9 wrote:Hi Mark

Got an Se9 Automatic C411BRA

Jacko, yours is probably the most posted SE9 on the Internet, so i've definitely got that one (although someone called Milo Chapman posted a picture of it on facebook last week, so who's the real owner lol? It used to have reg R250 CWL if my register is correct? I met you at the big Billing meet in 2008 ;)

vec 160 wrote:A good idea to have an updated register
I have R710 JBW and it is an auto. It has been sitting in the lock up for a couple of years now...

Yep, got that one too ;).

Keep 'em coming :)
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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by Mark1 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:15 am

You got mine?
Mark...........It's Red........It's a V6............It's an SE9!..............and She's bad.

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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:33 am

Mark1 wrote:You got mine?

I wouldn't be doing much of a job, if i didn't have yours on it Mark ;)

Edit, see updated first post ;)
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Re: 2016 SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:49 am

Ok i've added the up to date list, let me know if anyone want's any details (reg number etc) masking.

Notes are mentioned where necessary (which might include links or proof a car has been scrapped etc).

Any other suggestions welcome!
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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by gray16v » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:34 am

Item 16 R262AEX Mileage 83K
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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by §torm » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:44 am

gray16v wrote:Item 16 R262AEX Mileage 83K

Thanks Graham, now updated :handgestures-thumbup:
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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:17 pm


Thanks to callyman (and information from the Club Archives), and a few other members who helpfully provided details, there are now 70 (of the remaining 102) SE9s on the register.

5 cars on the register are believed to have been scrapped, leaving a lower number of 97 at most surviving.

I have also updated the mileage column for each car, as recorded on the last MOT, useful if you want to know how yours compares to others, or many low mileage ones are left.

One car was found to have magically lost 51,000 miles!

If you see or know of any other SE9s not on the register, please let me know, and i'll get them added.


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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by Allys Cally » Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:31 pm

some good information there Mark, i couldnt even of told you mine used to have a private plate on it :lol:

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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:02 pm

Allys Cally wrote:some good information there Mark, i couldnt even of told you mine used to have a private plate on it :lol:

Thanks Ally. The previous registration info came from this site >> http://www.ukvehicle.com

I've now added a link to it (and my other sources) at the top of the thread :)

That was a useful site as it helped identify 2 or 3 cases where 2 seemingly different cars actually turned out to be the same car!! :mrgreen:
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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by k21nty » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:22 pm

I have number 70 s236dbd
currently sorned still 116k.
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Re: 2016 Calibra SE9 Register

by §torm » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:26 pm

k21nty wrote:I have number 70 s236dbd
currently sorned still 116k.

Congrats on owning the last registered SE9

Have amended mileage and you as current owner :) :handgestures-thumbup:
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