Join the Owners club!

Full membership to ClubCalibra offers many benefits, including showing cars on club stands, access to discounts (AutoVaux, Roose Motorsport and more), group buys, freedom to sell on the classified sections, and the all-important club stickers.

Memberships costs £20 per year (£1.67 per month) and runs from 1st August to 31st July. Renewal is expected no later than mid-August to maintain continuous membership.

If joining part way through a year then the membership fee will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

Example 1. If you were to join in April the charge would be £20 (full year) + 3 x £1.67(May, June & July, Part months are not charged for) Total £25.01

This will give you 15 months membership. This is how it works up to a maximum of 18 months (£30)

Example 2. If you join in September, you would pay £20, but when you renew at the end of the following July you would pay a discounted amount. i.e. 8 months @ £1.67 = £13.36

To join the club and become a full member please follow the below steps.

PM callyman with the following details...

Full name
Forum username
Full Address (inc postcode)
Contact number/s
Email (this will be used for any communication from the club)

Membership is paid using PayPal to - make sure to include your real name and username in the comments for that payment. Also ensure you send it as friends/family so that the correct amount is received by the club.

Once payment is received you will be updated within the club to full member status and gain access to the members only area on here and the Facebook members page (If applicable).

You will within 28 days receive a welcome pack containing a welcoming letter, window stickers, official club merchandise and your membership card.

Thank you for your interest.

callyman - Membership Secretary.

All times are UTC + 1 hour